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Tue Sep 17 17:55:03 CDT 2002

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> >>>>> "Curtis" == Curtis Poe <cp at onsitetech.com> writes:
> Curtis> Okay, just received confirmation that we will, in fact, have
> Curtis> chairs here.  Whew!
> Darn, I wanted this to be a "SRO" audience too. :-)
> And now I find out I've got a last-minute out-of-town business trip.
> {sigh}
> So I won't be there after all. :(

When it rains...

Okay, we have the room at the Rose and Raindrop reserved and we have the
chairs ordered.  With all of the ducks in a row except for the head duck of
a "presenter", I'm open for suggestions.  I could give a quick "newbie" talk
about good coding practices, but I don't have any slides, merely the text of
an article that I was working on.

I could also attempt a poor imitation of Randal and offer impromptu code
reviews, but ya get what ya pay for.  I'm also going to post a quick plea
for ideas on Perlmonks.

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