[Pdx-pm] Perl coverage measurement tools ?

charles radley c.radley at attbi.com
Thu Sep 5 09:39:40 CDT 2002

Does anyone know of any coverage tools for Perl ?   Something like Rational
Purecoverage, for example, which can do coverage at statement level for Java
and C++, but not for perl.

I really like perl, but IMHO its major limitation is that there is no coverage
or profiling tool.   Except that In an old Camel book it mentions something
called  "Dprof" / dprofpp / Devel::Dprof

I have never tried it.   Is that profiler still actively supported ?   Is it
ready for prime time ?
Any opinions / experiences ?


I once worked on a portable scripting project where we chose perl rather than
java because we happened to have some folks who knew it, and nobody who knew

The main problem we ran into was that because we lacked a coverage tool, we
could not explicitly verify all of the code.   We did plenty of testing, but
we were never really sure if we had hit every single line of code prior to

Since java has coverage tools, and perl does not, next time I might choose
java because we can measure our coverage.

What do you think ?

Best regards,

Charles R.

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