[Pdx-pm] Changing contructors w/o breaking compat.

Joshua Hoblitt jhoblitt at ifa.hawaii.edu
Sat Oct 26 16:38:39 CDT 2002

> As for changing the constructor, another solution may be to take the Sub::NamedParams module
> (http://search.cpan.org/author/OVID/Sub-NamedParams-1.01/) and extend it to work with methods in
> addition to functions.  I had never bothered to do that.  Perhaps it's time ...

Thats kinda a neat idea... I'll have to ponder that one.  I was wondering if it's possible to get enough information about the caller to decide if a hashish syntax was used.  I suspect that "$a => $b" will have been turned into "$a, $b" before Devel::Caller gets to take a peek. hmmm...


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