[Pdx-pm] [OT] Chrononauts and Perl programming clinic

Tom Phoenix rb-pdx-pm at redcat.com
Wed Oct 23 20:53:36 CDT 2002

Here's another off-topic message. Particularly sensitive subscribers
should probably filter all list messages with [OT] in the subject....

I'm looking to get together with other Perl folks (or anyone else who is
interested) for a game or two of Chrononauts. It's a time-travel card game
without much strategy or stress; if you ever enjoyed a time-travel SF
story or watched more than one Back To The Future movie, or if you just
wanted to see what would happen if JFK hadn't been assassinated, you'll
probably have fun with it.


PDX-Perl connection: I learned about Chrononauts from Schwern, last month
at YAPC::Europe.

So as to make this at least a little more Perl-related, this event will
also be a Perl programming clinic. Bring along a printout (or laptop) and
someone will help you improve your program. Guaranteed, or your code will
be cheerfully returned to you. Beginners and experts welcome; experts get
to help everyone else while I play Chrononauts.

It will happen tomorrow (Thursday) evening, the 24th, starting at about 6
PM, at a pub/restaurant somewhere in downtown Portland. But it won't
happen if I don't hear from at least one person who is willing to try
Chrononauts! Let me know (by private e-mail to <rootbeer at redcat.com>, not
to the list) before 3:00 PM that you're coming, even if you don't want to
play the game, and I'll send you the location if it's a go.

Okay, if nobody wants to play Chrononauts, I'll do the clinic anyway. But
I'll be grumpy about it. You'll see.

--Tom Phoenix

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