[Pdx-pm] Nominations open: Perl clinic and game night

Raymaker, Dora dora.raymaker at xo.com
Thu Nov 14 16:07:34 CST 2002

is it okay to bring HTML::Mason code instead of plain perl?

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The nominations are in! I got some in private mail, and some went to the

On Sat, 9 Nov 2002, Austin Schutz wrote:

> 	The new 'It\'s a Beautiful Pizza' on Belmont looks inviting. It's
> of reasonable size for our group, has decent beer and pizza, and afaik
> has no minor restrictions.

This must be the place.

I called them up; the address I had was 3341 SE Belmont, but they say
they're now across the street from there. In fact, they say "across from
the Belmont Inn". You'll probably need sharp eyes to pick it out; it's
camouflaged to look exactly like a pizza pub. Call 503-233-5444 if you
need better directions than these.

We'll meet on Friday the 22nd. Some of you requested Fridays. Of course,
Friday is a traditional Date Night, which is why none of us geeks had
anything already planned.

I'll prolly get there about 5:40 to 6:00, but everybody else can drift in
whenever they want. There's no schedule, so you can't be late...  unless
you get there after everyone else leaves.

For the Perl Clinic, we'll be looking to make better code and better
programmers. Bring us your worn, tired code and we'll rip it to shreds!
No, wait. We'll look over what you've done, probably in small groups or
one-on-one, and discuss how it could be made better in one way or another.
There is no program which cannot be improved in some way.

If you have no code to bring, you're probably an expert. So come out to
help others make Good Perl out of their code.

If you don't have any code to bring, yet you aren't an expert, you're
probably a beginner. So come out to see what others are doing, and you'll
soak up some Good Perl in the process.

If you aren't in any of those categories, maybe you're not a Perl
programmer. So come out and soak up some Good Beer, and you'll fit in just

When the printouts are filled with pencil notes in the margin and pizza
stains in the corners, we'll pull out the games. Several of you enjoyed
Ice Towers and Zendo the other night; I'll try to bring Chrononauts as
well. Feel free to bring any other games that you think Perl folks will

Hope to see you there!

--Tom Phoenix

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