[Pdx-pm] Nominations open: Perl clinic and game night

Tom Phoenix rootbeer at redcat.com
Fri Nov 8 21:45:14 CST 2002

There was a pretty good response to the last time we combined a Perl
programming clinic and game night. But most of the responses said that
they wanted to know about it further in advance, or that they wanted a
different evening.

So this is a request for nominations: What day would be good? What place?

Feel free to nominate a day without a place, or vice versa. If some day or
place nominated just won't work for you, say so, and nominate another. At
the moment, I'm thinking that we should pick some time and place to suit
anyone who can't make it to our usual meetings... So if you're one of
those people, this is your chance to speak up!

Naturally, we'd like someplace conducive to geek talk. Live bands are
nice, but they make it hard to discuss regular expressions. Conversely,
good beer seems to make it easier. (But let's try to recommend somewhere
that doesn't exclude minors. There's no reason to keep them out.)

As before, the evening will be a Perl Mongers' social meeting, but feel
free to bring along a page or two of Perl code, or be prepared to critique
someone else's code; this is intended to be at least somewhat Perlish.
We'll also have a game or two to be played for fun, so your non-Perl
friends are still welcome to have fun with us (unless they're Python
people, of course).

If there's any interest, I'll bring along a game to the upstairs area at
the Rose & Raindrop before the next meeting. (That's coming up on
Wednesday, and don't miss it. Ingy will give us some cool stuff.) Maybe I
should bring Zendo; Perl people should like it.

--Tom Phoenix

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