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> Since you are all thinking about Perl 6 this week, riddle me this. I'm
> sure O'Reilly or someone has thought of this (or something similar). I'm
> just curious who. I really want this book.


> Has anyone heard of such a creature, or rumors of such a creature?

I understand that Damian Conway has something "planned", but I don't know
the details yet.  However, since the only guarantee about Perl 6 is that
everything is in flux, I don't think there is any reasonable way such a
thing could be constructed at this time.  Can you imagine the wholesale
revisions that would be necessary if, for some reason, they decided to
change the concatenation operator again (what is this time, by the way?).

For that reason, I don't think one will be coming out any time within the
next year.  Of course, since you mentioned that "the book should be released
a few months before the full production version of Perl 6", then I suspect
we'll wait at least two years for the book :(

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