auto-backup across the net

Jeff Zucker jeff at
Fri Jun 21 20:47:24 CDT 2002

Austin Schutz wrote:

>>>Here's the situation.  I'm building a mission-critical web-based
>>>database.  It's hosted on a server at, say,
>>>If that server goes down, even for an hour, I want to be able to
>                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>immediately tell my clients to switch to another server (at another
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> 	This part of the question has yet to be answered as far as I
> can tell. Of course I might have just spaced through the answer.
> 	How do you tell the clients? Presumably there's a simple way to
> send a redirect in a cgi

   If the server is down, it's a bit hard to redirect with a cgi on the 
server :-).



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