auto-backup across the net

Jason White jasona at
Fri Jun 21 20:34:15 CDT 2002

If we are talking about an internet, web-based setup, where client systems
are accessing your databse, you have more immediate concerns on your hands
than redundancy.

If we are talking about a secure website, then the webserver should be the
only system accessing the database, clients talk to the webserver and the
webserver dishes out data.  The webserver is the only one(s) who need to be
updated.  This can be done directly in your cgi(not the best solution) by
testing for the presence of the required server/files before access, by a
content-smart switch/router (hardware or software) which can re-route
traffic to a different destination IP when/if the original fails, or by a
round-robin DNS set up, where is the defualt hostname fails, the DNS table
switches to the second.  If clustering is setup, then it is entirly the
responsability of the cluster and is transparent to the developer.

If we are talking about a an intranet application where many clients are
accessing your database, try switching to a more server based model which
can more closly model the options above.

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> > > Here's the situation.  I'm building a mission-critical web-based
> > > database.  It's hosted on a server at, say,
> > >
> > >
> > > If that server goes down, even for an hour, I want to be able to
>                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > > immediately tell my clients to switch to another server (at another
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This part of the question has yet to be answered as far as I
> can tell. Of course I might have just spaced through the answer.
> How do you tell the clients? Presumably there's a simple way to
> send a redirect in a cgi, I just can't remember what it is.
> Austin


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