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Thu Jun 13 14:09:15 CDT 2002

--- Rob Bloodgood <robb at> wrote:
> > Don't forget the meeting tonight about POE (no, it's not about me :)
> >
> > Details are at  I look forward to seeing
> > all of you there.
> dangit dangit dangit dangit I *knew* there was something I was forgetting
> last nite!
> Rob


You missed a great meeting.  About 20 people showed up for the technical meeting, 2 of them
(myself being one) managed to sit on desk returns that weren't attached and sent them crashing to
the floor, and Todd Caine gave a great presentation.

The social stuff before and after was also pretty good.

As for the next meeting, which should be Wednesday, July 10th, same time and place, chromatic will
be giving a presentation about testing.

chromatic and Michael Schwern have been doing considerable work pushing testing on an unsuspecting
Perl world and they have had great success with this.  Don't miss this meeting!  I've had the
pleasure of working with chromatic and I am very pleased with the things I have learned.

Curtis "Ovid" Poe

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