brain hurt and file test

mikeraz at mikeraz at
Thu Jun 13 10:38:35 CDT 2002

We tracked it down.  The -[AMC] file test . . . well as `man perlfunc`
will tell you does not return the [acm]time of the file.  They:

    -M  Age of file in days when script started.
    -A  Same for access time.
    -C  Same for inode change time.

Ah, when the script started.  Ah, express in days. (??)

Note, if the file changed since the time the script started this number will
be negative.  

Note, it is expressed in days.  Multiply by 86400 if you want the value 
expressed in seconds.  

So if you want to know how long a file has not been mucked with (as I do), 
use the stat function.  

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