Monitoring floppy disk access - linux

Joe Oppegaard joe at
Wed Jun 5 17:03:32 CDT 2002

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Tom Phoenix wrote:
> See, it's a hardware problem.... "How many software techs does it take to
> change a lightbulb? None; it's a hardware problem." Problem solved. :-)

Haha, bullseye!
> Seriously, though, I'm sure _somebody_ makes such a timer. But here's
> another way to attack the problem without low-level software hackery: Get
> a sensor that reports when the power is on (voltage or current sensor,
> probably) and attaches to an available port. Then you just write a simple
> program that polls the port once per second, or whatever. You should be
> able to do that in Perl, I think. Of course, now you're into low-level
> _hardware_ hackery. Oh, well!

Great ideas, thanks. Should be fun to setup. 

Off to the garage. ;)

-Joe Oppegaard


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