STOP: Re: Mail list fishing

Austin Schutz tex at
Tue Jul 23 14:32:37 CDT 2002

	A few brief observations, all IMO:

	Perl's community has a very strong reputation for being severely
abrasive. That has been true in my own experience, and doesn't seem to be
true of other communities, e.g. Python. This holds true for usenet, irc,
perl monks, etc.
	People will make judgements of a group from a very small sampling
of negative data. I have made a point of steering clear of perl monks based
upon my first and only experience, which was quite negative.
	TMTOWTDI means that even though there is usually a well known way
to do something, someone else's method isn't dumb. In fact, it's probably
done in the core modules in an undocumented fashion. Turn down the flame

	Aah, I dunno. Where's the beer?


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