Mail list predators

Mark Morgan lemming at
Mon Jul 22 19:56:18 CDT 2002

Jason Annin-White wrote:
>    I have my mail set up to leave messages on the server at several 
> locations and I definitley did not receive a response from Randal (Thank 
> you Tom for getting it to me).  I was not implicating either Randal or 
> Tom in my unpleasant experiences.  I hope it didn't sound that way.

^^^That was nice.

<Rest of email snipped>

For the record, I didn't read the original thread, but I just checked 
the new thread.
I didn't think Tkil came off that abrasive.  Fairly direct and not that 
bad considering the message he answered.  We're all volunteers and 
sometimes life gets in the way of helping out here.

Let's not get into a flame fest.  Take sometime to think how a message 
will come across before sending.

Back to life for me, Mark


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