Object IO (Typedef problem)

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Mon Jul 22 19:09:26 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Annin-White <jasona at inetarena.com> writes:

Jason> I am still pretty much in the same boat however.  I can't find
Jason> any perl documentation on how to typedef a reference to a
Jason> custom object.

"typedef" is a concept from C, and there's no particular correlate in
Perl (that I can think of, anyway).  Perhaps you mean "typecast"?

Jason> I have a package which I've named PDX::service. When I store
Jason> and retrieve an instance of PDX::service I am left with a
Jason> reference.  I know how to typedef a reference to a scalar,
Jason> array, or hash, however, I do no know how to typedef the
Jason> reference to be of type PDX::service.

Um ... it already is (or should be) a reference to a PDX::service
object; why do you need to cast it further?

Jason> ref($objectref) returns main.
Jason> ref($$objectref) returns PDX::service

Ah.  It looks like you tried to freeze it using something like:

   my $serialized = freeze \$obj;

Which freezes a reference to a reference, and that's what you get
back.  Since you already have a reference, you don't need the extra
level of indirection; just freeze $obj itself.

Jason> This makes me think that THIS is the appropriate way to access
Jason> this object:

Jason>    PDX::service$$objref->method()

I think that ($$objref)->method() should work... let me try it.  Yup:

| #!/usr/bin/perl -w
| use strict;
| use Storable qw( freeze thaw );
| # ----------------------------------------------------------------------
| package Foo;
| sub new
| {
|     my ($package, $info) = @_;
|     return bless { info => $info };
| }
| sub babble
| {
|     my ($self, $label) = @_;
|     print "$label: I'm a " . ref($self) . ", and I know $self->{info}\n";
| }
| # ----------------------------------------------------------------------
| package main;
| my $foo1 = Foo->new("eeba deeba!");
| $foo1->babble('$foo1');
| my $stored_foo1 = freeze $foo1;
| my $foo2 = thaw $stored_foo1;
| $foo2->babble('$foo2');
| my $stored_foo_ref = freeze \$foo1;
| my $foo3 = thaw $stored_foo_ref;
| print 'ref($foo3)=', ref($foo3), "\n";
| print 'ref($$foo3)=', ref($$foo3), "\n";
| ($$foo3)->babble('$$foo3');
| exit 0;

Which gives us:

| $ ./jason1
| $foo1: I'm a Foo, and I know eeba deeba!
| $foo2: I'm a Foo, and I know eeba deeba!
| ref($foo3)=REF
| ref($$foo3)=Foo
| $$foo3: I'm a Foo, and I know eeba deeba!

Jason> This returns no errors, like my other attempts did, however, it
Jason> retuned no data either.  Does retrive() is it possible that my
Jason> retrieved object has members but no methods and doesn't "truly"
Jason> belong to type PDX::service?

What you got back was a reference to an object.  If you dereference it
once, you have just the object, and you can do normal method calls on

Does this clear it up?



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