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Thu Jul 18 23:21:06 CDT 2002

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, josh hoblitt wrote:

> > If you still want to try a Solaris 8 box, I can hook mine back up 
> > and give it a go.
> That would be great - I upgraded to perl 5.8.0 this morning (saw the
> announcement on p5p) and it has the same behavior.  I suspect this is
> something do with Sun's c libs.
> The code I "copied" from merlyn is here:

I by this I assume that you didn't mod the code (or at least that modding the
code is not necessary to reproduce the problem). Anyways, the box is at a
friends (and not network accessible at the momement), so I'll have to get in
touch with him and get in back online (after work, tomorrow, in all

-- Nick

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