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josh hoblitt jhoblitt at
Thu Jul 18 18:16:58 CDT 2002

I discovered something interesting: HTTP:Daemon doesn't work correctly
on perl 5.6.1/solaris 8.  The object will allow one connection then die
on the next attempt to call accept.  I tried setting some
IO::Socket::Inet options with no luck.  The problem is fairly lowlevel
as the OS is still holding the socket open for sometime after the code
exits.  (I verified that the code still works on perl 5.6.1/linux 2.4)

Anyone have a solaris 8 box to try and replicate the issue?

-Joshua Hoblitt

jhoblitt at

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Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 12:32 pm
Subject: Re: HTML filtering

> of course.  just do it when $response->content_type eq "text/html", 
> andyou'll be fine.
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