perl -e is acting funny in a chroot jail

Elmshauser, Erik erike at
Thu Jul 18 13:22:09 CDT 2002

> Do you have a /tmp in the jail?  Backrev versions of Perl (prior to
> 5.8) write a small file in /tmp to run the -e script.  So the error
> message perhaps is accurate... :)
> In 5.8, this was eliminated, because it can lead to a security hole.
Yeah, there was a /tmp there, but it was set to 755.  Setting it to 777
does not seem to have resolved the issue.
root at charon:/# chmod 777 tmp/
root at charon:/# ./usr/local/bin/perl -e 'exit'
Can't open perl script "-e": No such file or directory
Also, that error looks like it is trying to use '-e' as a filename, I'm
not sure, but I doubt that this is what perl would use for a temp file
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