HTML filtering

Tim Riley kawsmo at
Wed Jul 17 19:17:19 CDT 2002

In addition to stripping out flash/shockwave, consider supporting SVG 
(scalar vector graphics), an xml based alternative to flash.  There just 
happens to be a perl module to dynamically generate SVG files.  SVG 
rendering engines seem not as fast as flash right now, but because its xml 
some browsers are already beginning to support SVG natively.

Best of luck stripping out flash :)


At 11:36 AM 7/17/2002 -1000, josh hoblitt wrote:

>I know there are several web developers on this list so please excuse my
>rant as to how much flash/shockwave sucks.  Even if it wasn't so
>irritating it's just not an option on all platforms.  I'm going to
>scream if mozilla prompts me one more time to install a plugin that
>doens't exist for solaris.  (maybe I should rant on
>Anyways I've decided to build a lightweight proxy to strip flash from
>HTML.  Anyone have suggestions on how to proceed?  I see Toms
>Proxy::HTML but I think I'm going to have to use HTML::Parser directly.
>    Would anyone like to work on this with me?
>-Joshua Hoblitt
>jhoblitt at


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