Tom Phoenix rb-pdx-pm at redcat.com
Tue Jul 16 03:35:42 CDT 2002

On 16 Jul 2002, Rev. Dr. Erik C  Elmshauser wrote:

> I am new to the list, is there an FAQ of any kind I should read?

Nothing that isn't obvious. :-)  By which I mean that you should at least
scan the Perl docs before asking about Perl....

This list runs pretty informally. So long as you don't do something
amazingly stupid, you'll fit in just fine.

The main topic is our monthly gatherings, then comes anything
perl-related. Occasionally there's some job-hunting-related stuff, but
there seems to be a consensus that if that gets to be more than
occasional, we'll move it to another list.

Did that answer your question? Cheers!

--Tom Phoenix


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