arbitrary sorting...

Tom Phoenix rb-pdx-pm at
Mon Jul 15 01:21:04 CDT 2002

On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Kari Chisholm wrote:

> What I want is to compare @foo to @bar such that I'm able to reorder @foo

Do you mean that you want to sort @foo in "the same order that @bar is
sorted in"? So if @bar is in order fruit-car-people, that's what you want
for @foo? If that's not what you're saying, then what's @bar got to do
with it?

I think you probably want to sort items by category, which is easy to do
if you have a hash as a category lookup table. You may want a second hash
to hold the category sort order, too. Deriving that second hash from @bar
should be straightforward.


--Tom Phoenix


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