REPEAT: Website update or lack thereof

Christian Brink cb at
Tue Jul 9 16:09:48 CDT 2002

Since the website is still not available I thought I would send a reminder
about the July Meeting:

It seems was hacked and will not
allow me to update the site (albeit I'm already late updating it). So I
thought I would resend the meeting info.

The July meeting is July 10th chromatic will be giving a presentation titled
"Introduction to Testing with Test::More".

Test::More is available in the Test::Simple distribution available from

chromatic is a frequent contributor to Perl and the Perl community.  He
joined the Perl QA group after being chastised for breaking bleadperl by not
testing a proposed patch. In the past year, he has added tests for many of
the core modules, and wrote the backend Test::Builder module.  Additionally,
he co-wrote "Running Weblogs with Slash" and may have another book about
software development and Perl up his sleeve.

Place: Onsite! Technology, Inc.
Address: 333 SE 3rd, Portland, OR
Date and Time: 2002-07-10 at 7:00 PM

There will be a social meeting at Rose and Raindrop at 6:00 PM. The address
is 532 S.E. Grand and it's about 3 blocks from the Onsite! Technology

Christian Brink
ONSITE! Technology
cb at

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