Free Books from Sams Publishing for your User Group

Jason White jasona at
Mon Jul 8 15:12:27 CDT 2002

Ask Sam's if we can get the "online Version"of their developer series.

Jason White

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> Hi all,
> I just received an interesting email from Sam's publishing, included at
the bottom of the email.
> Two word summary:  free books.
> Six word question:  what do we do with 'em?
> I'm sure that no one would object to our picking up free books, but I have
to confess that Sam's
> can be pretty spotty quality.  Some of their books are great, others leave
a lot to be desired.
> However, rather than unilaterally making a decision on this, I thought I
would pass the buck
> (book?) to all of you to see if anyone has any creative ideas.  Random
thoughts follow.
> 1.  Establishing a library would be nice, but who would be the
librarian, and where would
> the library be kept?
> 2.  If we don't establish a library (I don't see how it would be
feasible), who gets the books?  I
> could just write back to this person and get an armload of free books, but
that doesn't seem very
> fair.
> 3.  Is anyone willing to write reviews on the books to post on our Web
> 4.  [insert your own question here, even if you don't answer it]
> 5.  Legal question:  is this income?  Do we have to declare it or anything
like that?
> Cheers,
> Curtis "Ovid" Poe
> > Hello Curtis,
> >
> > We are writing to offer your Perl User Group an opportunity to receive
> > introduction to Sams' Developer's Library Series ands other Open Source
> > related books.  I would like to send you a selection of our best-selling
> > books along with some Sams' promotional materials.
> >
> > As dedicated Perl users, your feedback is very important to Sams.  I
> > when you receive your kit you will take the time to review the books,
> > post those reviews on your Web site and/or email them back to us.  Also,
> > feel free to use the books and other goodies as contest or door prizes
> > your meetings.
> >
> > If you are interested in receiving this box of goodies from Sams, please
> > reply and answer the six quick questions following my signature.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Matt Klocek and Amy Sorokas, Sams Publishing
> >
> > 6 Quick Questions:
> >
> > 1. Please provide the correct shipping address and phone number.
> > 2. How many members are in your group?
> > 3. How often do you meet?  Do you have a set meeting schedule? Would
> > you be interested in an editor or author presenting to your group?
> > 4. Does your group regularly review new books?
> > 5. Does your group have a web site? If so, what is the web site
> > address?
> > 6. Do you have another email address that you would prefer that we send
> > upcoming promotions?
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