[Pdx-pm] Subscribing

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Thu Jul 25 17:01:49 CDT 2002

On (Thu, Jul 25 14:19), Curtis Poe wrote:
> I'm getting a few mailings that I need to approve because people have failed
> to sign up for the list.  If you haven't signed up, you probably aren't
> seeing this message :)  If you have signed up and use more than one account
> ... be sure to sign up the other account.

FWIW, if you sign up two accounts, MailMan can be configured to sent mail to
just one. This will permit email submissions from either account.

1. Go to http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/pdx-pm-list

2. Type one of your subscribed email addresses in the text box beside
the "Edit Options" button, then click the button.

3. Set "Disable mail delivery" to "On"

4. Type password below, click "Submit My Changes"


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