[Pdx-pm] regex & phone numbers...

Kari Chisholm karic at lclark.edu
Thu Jul 25 12:23:08 CDT 2002

Hey all...

Now that all that madness is past...  I've got another regex stumper.  

I want to clean up phone numbers that people submit in a form.  They
could come in all kinds of ways, like...

(503) 123-4567
503 123 4567
503-123-4567 ext. 89
123-4567 ext. 89
503-123-4567-mom's house

I want to convert the actual seven- or ten-digit phone number part to
just xxx-xxx-xxxx.  I also want to leave alone anything that comes
after that - which is obviously the tough part.  The logic should be
basically this: just process through the number left to right,
grabbing the first seven or ten numbers, then reformat those and tack
on whatever's left.  The challenge is figuring out when it's a
seven-digit or a ten-digit number.

I've conceptualized any number of highly complex and idiotic ways of
doing this.  I'm just wondering if there's a simpler regex approach to
this...  Any ideas?


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