[Pdx-pm-list] <- This new header sucks.

Jason White jasona at inetarena.com
Wed Jul 24 16:25:20 CDT 2002

I find the subject header useful.  I generally filter this list by TO || CC
containing, however, there are times when my filtering rules are not intact
and it is nice to be able to sort mail visually.  TIMTOWTDI; Lets think
outside the box and set a precedent here.  Make a subject footer.  The
subject will remain un-blurred, so those of us who are already filtered wont
have to visually s/[Pdx-pm-list]// and yet it will still be obvious if you
are looking for it. I also think the "-list" portion is implicit, so
[Pdx-pm] is sufficient.  I cast my unsolicited vote for $subject .="

Argh, this of course, will format funny in the inbox.....

Re: $$$$$$$$$$$$$[Pdx-pm]

instead of......
Re: [Pdx-pm]$$$$$$$$$$$$$

At first, I thought it would make me dizzy, but looking at it, its not so
bad. Not like it would be hard for any of us to actually format the subject
line so all the footers lined up nicely on the end..... Nevermind, this
would be futile, even plain-text has some .TTF qualaties under Windows.

Jason White

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> > I prefer something I can visually sort on, [Pdx-pm] works for me.
> <aol>me too</>
> I like having a header for the list, so I can tell at a glance it's
> something I want to read.
> -gabrielle
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