Last meeting and Networking

Curtis Poe cp at
Mon Jan 14 16:37:36 CST 2002

Hi all,

The last Perl Mongers meeting was great, though I learned the hard way that
Produce Row Cafe is about as stupid a venue as I could have picked for the
social part.  Heck, even McDonalds (ugh!) would have worked out better.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 13th.  The location and topic
have yet to be determined.  My company has agreed to go ahead and host any
meetings for which we do not find an alternate location, so at least that
worry is out of the way.  If others have locations we can meet at (and some
told me that they did), I'd love to hear 'em.

I would like, if possible, to try to plan future meetings out at least two
months in advance, so if Tom and Randal aren't always available, we'll have
plenty of advance warning.  If you have a technical presentation you'd like
to give, shoot me an email.

Side note:  We're hiring.  I debated including this as I wasn't sure if it's
appropriate.  If you'd rather not see stuff like this on the list, let me
know.  I'm sure we don't want tribes of headhunters seeking victims here.

We are looking for a temp-to-hire Perl/CGI programmer who's fairly
comfortable with SQL and has some database design experience.  The *only*
reason it's temp-to-hire is because we have a huge wad of VC money that's
probably coming through, but since it hasn't, we can't make any guarantees
as to length of employment beyond one month, possibly two.  I realize that
this doesn't make the most attractive offer, but I thought I would toss it
out there.  If you're interested, send your resume to jobs at
rather than to the list.  Benefits include having your own duck at your

Curtis "Ovid" Poe, Senior Programmer, ONSITE! Technology
Someone asked me how to count to 10 in Perl:
push @A, $_ for reverse q.e...q.n.;for(@A){$_=unpack(q|c|,$_);@a=split//;
shift @a;shift @a if $a[$[]eq$[;$_=join q||, at a};print $_,$/for reverse @A


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