Perl - RE: a book I want

Raphael Almeria almeria at
Mon Jan 7 18:49:08 CST 2002

>I figured llama and camel would be updated. I was hoping for something a
>little lighter. But this could work. Maybe a couple extra "transitional"
>chapters at the end? Dunno, I'm not the expert, just a foot-soldier in
>the trenches. :)

Hmmm...why not just write it yourself or get someone else to write it and
post it to  I'm sure that if you place a pointer to it on that
many perl programmers out there will hear about it.  This assumes that
O'Reilly isn't
interested in publishing a short how-to.

I've followed the Apocalypses and Exegeses and I admit that some of the
talked about are impenetrable perhaps because they lack context, are from
functional programming or lack sufficient explanation but others are very
cool.  I really like the new hyper operator that allows you to do this:

@mean = (@data1 ^- @data2)/scalar(@data1);

all of a sudden you've gotten rid of a for loop and condensed it into one
nice compact statement.




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