a book I want

Allison Randal al at shadowed.net
Mon Jan 7 09:25:03 CST 2002

Since you are all thinking about Perl 6 this week, riddle me this. I'm
sure O'Reilly or someone has thought of this (or something similar). I'm
just curious who. I really want this book.

Perl 6 Primer

Part one is written for people who are learning perl for the first time
on 6. Basically it's something I could use on my intro to perl students.
Certainly no competition for llama or camel, just an intro.

Part two is for people who already know perl and want a quick jump
start/reference on the changes. This is for my co-workers, people who
have taken the intro perl class 4 times, etc.

It's a shortish book, under Perl in a Nutshell and over the Perl 5
Pocket Reference. I want it to be short enough that I don't get the
usual "I'll never get through that!" groans. It should be unintimidating
but informative. The Apocalypses and Exegeses are a bit much for the
average Perl user. The thing that bothers me is that I seem to encounter
more fear and disbelief than enthusiasm whenever I get in a conversation
about Perl 6.

If possible, the book should be released a few months before the full
production version of Perl 6, with a revision released on a fairly short
schedule to catch up with all the changes that are sure to happen in the
first months. 

Has anyone heard of such a creature, or rumors of such a creature?


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