Module Installation Question

mharris at mharris at
Thu Feb 14 13:31:55 CST 2002


I new to the PDX perl mongers and this is my very first posting.  If 
I'm not folowing protocol or proper group etiquette, then please let me 
know.  Thanks in advance for your time.

Question:  I am trying to install a module on a Win32 system which has 
not been pre-compiled or tested on a Win32 system.  The module's name 
is "Algorithm::Permute" and I downloaded it from CPAN.  Now, I've tried 
to read as much documentation as I can find on installing and compiling 
modules, but I've come accross an error message for which I can find no 
solution.  Here's the scenario:

I extracted the tar.gz file to a tar file and then further extracted 
the tar file to the directory c:\perl\permute.  Next, from the command 
prompt, I typed 'perl' to run the makefile program included 
with the module.  Now here is where my problem lies.  I execute 'nmake' 
from the command prompt from the same directory and get the following 
error message:

'NMAKE : fatal eror U1081: 'cl' : program not found'

The line before this error message ends with 'permute.c', so I'm 
wondering if the error is caused by this file being misnamed.  I'm not 
too familiar with nmake or other compilers, and thus have a limited 
ability deciphering nmake error messages.  I've also tried copying the 
*.pm files that came with the module directly into my c:\perl\lib 
directory, but that didn't help.

Any help would be appreciated, although I know that if I were just 
running Unix, I probably wouldn't have this problem.  Thanks again for 
your time.



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