[Pdx-pm] PDX.rb meeting Monday Dec. 9th

Curtis Poe cp at onsitetech.com
Fri Dec 6 13:02:05 CST 2002

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From: "Tom Phoenix" <rootbeer at redcat.com>
> On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Phil Tomson wrote:
> > Maybe a quick Ruby tutorial for Perl folks? ;-)
> I can't make it on the 9th, but I'd love to see this tutorial. Maybe you
> could present it at one of our PDX.pm meetings in a month or two!

I'll second that!  I think it's important for programmers to be exposed to
other languages and Ruby seems like a great language.  If there were any
jobs for Ruby (and if I knew it considerably better), I would love to work
with it.

If any Ruby folks want to put together something, have them shoot me an
email (poec at yahoo.com is a better address for that) and we'll work things

On another note:  I need more presentations.  I've had some folks email me
with ideas, but I've had no commitments.  Let me know if you're interested.
Januray is looking mighty empty right now.


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