[Pdx-pm] PDX.rb meeting Monday Dec. 9th

Phil Tomson ptkwt at aracnet.com
Thu Dec 5 17:40:52 CST 2002

At the November Perl Monger's meeting Brian Ingerson suggested that I send
the announcement for the next Portland Rubyists meeting to the 
pdx-pm-list.  Here it

The next PDX.rb meeting will be held at the Lucky Lab pub (~10th & SE
Hawthorne, north side of the street) at 7PM, Monday December 9th.

I'm not sure what the agenda will be at this point.  I'll be going there
directly after taking a 2 hour final exam so I may not have much to say ;-)

Maybe we can talk a bit about freepan.org again and the latest
developments there as well as raa-install.  I could probably show some
stuff I'm doing with dot/graphviz for drawing directed graphs using
TkCanvas (and generating postscript from a TkCanvas). Maybe we can
also talk about some development projects we as a group could work on.
Maybe a quick Ruby tutorial for Perl folks? ;-)


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