Curtis Poe cp at
Thu Apr 18 17:02:53 CDT 2002

The next meeting is a go.  Randal Schwartz (you've heard of him, right?)
will give a presentation on May 15th about how he used Template Toolkit to
rebuild and overcame a number of obstacles that
he encountered.

If we're very nice, we might even convince him to discuss why he chose
Template Toolkit over HTML::Mason, which is, if I recall correctly, what he
was using previously.

As we don't have any other projectors available, the technical meeting
location will still be ONSITE! Technology.  As for a social location, I'm
going to talk to Rose and Raindrop about their meeting room and we can just
walk over here from there.

Also, I have two other presenters *tentatively* lined up for subsequent
months.  Without making promises, one will be giving a talk about testing
and the other will share with us how he used Perl's data munging facilities
to make his job easier.

I'm also thinking about putting together a presentation on Perl's type
system since many people have questions about this.

Curtis Poe
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