Where do we meet?!?!

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Would you also include instructions for getting to the meeting.  I live and
work in Vancouver and would like to start attending.  I don't know Portland
as well as the rest of you do.

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Well, here's the scoop for Wednesday.

To have a technical meeting, we need a room.  I tried to avoid scheduling
another one at ONSITE! because the location of the social meeting was
Produce Row, a small pub that is not really well-laid out for such a
meeting.  We wound up getting crowded into a corner and couldn't really meet

Other places that have been suggested have been:

1.  Too far away from the center of Portland
2.  Too smoky (bummer.  I smoke but I didn't want to foist it on you)
3.  Have regular room reservations for the night we meet
4.  Have high minimum prices for the room

In short, finding a place to meet has been problematic.  Tom Phoenix is
offering to do a presentation on sorting.  He'll cover techniques from basic
to advanced, thus satisfying virtually everyone, but that still requires a
good spot to meet.  I've bought an easel and pad for the presentation, but
we still need a spot.

I *suppose* we could just overrun the Lucky Lab and have Tom give a public,
on-the-spot presentation (we'll call it Guerilla Perl Theater :), but the
Lab might object -- not to mention the fact that Tom might object!

So, we're looking at a social meeting at the Lab lest someone come up with a
last-minute suggestion.  Let's work the phones, kids!  If you can find a
meeting spot that gets around the four problems listed above, let us know.
I think we'd be willing to be flexible on the "too far away from the center"
if we can just find a spot.

Curtis Poe
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