Where do we meet?!?!

Curtis Poe cp at onsitetech.com
Mon Apr 8 16:40:48 CDT 2002

The Rose and Raindrop would be fairly convenient.  The room is 22 people max
(for seating and eating, I'm sure we could fit a few more in).  There is a
$100 minimum total order, but I'd be willing to make up the difference if
we're a bit short.

However, they are booked for Wednesday.

I've gone ahead and bit the bullet.  ONSITE! has rented chairs for Wednesday
night and we'll meet at Produce Row again.  Partial details are at
http://portland.pm.org/.  Note that the social meeting is now at 6:30 and
the technical starts at 8:00 instead of 8:30.  This was due to complaints
from members that the meetings were running too late for them.  I realize
that this means that some of you may be late, but I had to accommodate as
many as I could.

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> Meeting places:  Have you checked out Rose and Raindrop?  They're at 532
> Grand, 503.238.6996.  R & R has a private room with a door available for
> reservation.  The staff is good about large groups, and they have food &
> beer.
> -Dora


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