Places in Portland

Todd Caine todd_caine at
Mon Apr 1 18:37:21 CST 2002

It seems that we are having a wee bit of trouble finding
places that we can have our gatherings at.  I'm not sure if
we are limited solely on technical meeting locations or just
social meeting locations.

A couple of places that might be good for social meetings

Iron Horse Restaurant -
Limelight Restaurant and Lounge -
Brite Spot Restaurant -

We could have a technical meeting at my house in West
Moreland if we really needed a spot.  The only thing is that
I don't have a projector, screen, or fold-up chairs.  So
we'd have to do some planning and borrow some equipment from

More food for thought.  I'm getting hungry with all of this


- can you tell I'm between projects  ;)


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