Todd Caine todd_caine at eli.net
Mon Apr 1 17:40:56 CST 2002

Are we having a technical meeting or a social meeting on April 10th?

I don't think anyone has volunteered for a technical meeting yet so:
Maybe we should have everyone put their name into a box and every social meeting
we draw a new name out of the box to give some kind of presentation at the next
technical meeting.  The presentation could always start of with, this is who I
am, this is what I do, and this is how I use Perl.  Then if the person giving
the presentation couldn't think of anything interesting to teach they could just
bring some code that they were working on over the last year and we could all
walk through it and talk about it.  For the cases when the person just didn't
end up brining anything we could have a piece of mystery code that the presenter
will get 5 minutes to look at before explaining it to the group.  The mystery
code should probably be pretty obfuscated with little or no comments.  :)

Food for thought!


p.s.  I'd like to give a presentation on POE although I don't think I'll be
ready by the 10th of April.  Maybe next time?

Curtis Poe wrote:

> The next meeting is April 10th.  I don't yet have a venue as that was what
> we were going to talk about at the last meeting :)  So, to tentatively get
> this out of the way, let's hear some quick ideas about where we should meet.
> I'll be near "Beautiful Pizza" tonight, so I'll see if there room is free,
> but it sounds like there's a regular booking which conflicts with us.
> In addition to not having a location, I don't have a speaker, either.  Is
> anyone free and willing?  Let me know.  I have a presentation about code
> generation that I've been playing with, but I don't have a lot of free time
> and I'm not sure it will be ready in time.


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