Release Management

Todd Caine todd_caine at
Wed Sep 19 10:54:17 CDT 2001

Ok, I'll be a bit more specific.  I am trying to figure out
best practices for managing software in a team environment.
Currently we are using CVS for revision control.  There is
no defined way to release software, besides cutting a formal
release via CVS and tar'ing it up.  I just finished a
project and have created a release in CVS.  I then exported
the software to a directory in /tmp where I built a Solaris
package.  Should the package stream be checked into the
repository as well?  Should it be under the same CVS
module?  Even after I cut a formal release (branch and base
tags)?  Does anyone have any suggestions for selecting
version numbers?  Are README and CHANGES files sufficient
for proper documentation?  I guess I'm just not aware of how
release management is done in other shops.  Any feedback
would be greatly appreciated.

Todd Caine


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