status of postponed 2001-09-11 meeting?

Tkil tkil at
Tue Sep 18 01:30:02 CDT 2001

greetings.  masque originally sent me the meeting posting for last
tuesday's meeting, but i didn't take the hint and join the mailing
list, so i didn't see the cancellation.  well, consider the hint

i found him on irc a few hours later, and he said that the meeting had
been postponed.  has a new date/time been set for it?  i'm visiting
from colorado, and i thought it would be interesting to meet some perl
geeks up here.

i would have just waited to see what would pop up on the mailing list,
but (1) i'm a slug, and didn't join until this evening; (2) i have no
idea what kind of traffic to expect on this list, so i wasn't sure how
long i'd have to wait; and (3) one week was a plausible postponement,
so i wanted to see if the meeting was tomorrow evening (tuesday,


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