Cleaning up after your children

josh hoblitt jhoblitt at
Tue Oct 16 04:24:25 CDT 2001

> Have you looked at the columns I pointed you at?

No, but then again I haven't recieve the "point" yet.  If you sent it to
begin. perl without cc'ing to me the last digest I recieved was at
12:50am and doesn't haven't anything from you in it. :)  I will keep any
eye out for it though.

I did take a look at your LinuxMag Columns.  Col15 "Getting your kids to
do the work (Aug 00)" is pretty close to what I'm trying to do in terms
of child management.  Am I understanding correctly to state that it's
pretty much impossible to avoid defunct children in some situations?  I
was thinking that I was just missing something.  If thats true I will go
ahead and deal with killing defunct children. 

> Don't reinvent the wheel until you've studied prior art.

As for re-inventing the wheel thats what makes it fun.  The whole point
of this is to learn (it's not for work) so I'm doing whole thing while
being limited to core modules.   Although writing my own http/1.1
implimentation from scratch was kinda painful.  So what if my wheels end
up being square :)

Ps.  It was nice meeting you at the p6 talk and think the Stonehenge
sponsorship was a great gift to the community (even if the tee-shirts
were too small).  Never the less, my thanks!

-Joshua Hoblitt


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