December 13th Meeting

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Wed Nov 28 18:19:49 CST 2001

We might want to start thinking about holding social events at other places besides pubs so that we
can accommodate all members of the Perl community young and old.  I've got nothing against binge
drinking ;) with a bunch of older geeks, but the young guys are just as important to this community as
we are.  Why don't we try to hold social gatherings at a bowling alley or maybe even a restaurant?
Who knows maybe we'll starting seeing a better turn out from some of the under age folks as well.
With that said, I need a beer.


Curtis Poe wrote:

> Well, it looks like the Thursday, December 13th meeting is a go.  Two possible venues:
> Lucky Labrador Brew Pub @ 915 SE Hawthorne Boulevard (  They have plenty
> of seating.  Minors allowed until 9:00 PM.  They also have a private room, but it's $100.00.
> Unless people want to pitch in, we'll be in the common area.
> McMenamins Pub @ 1504 NE Broadway, Suite 900 (  If
> I recall correctly, there's more seating at the Luck Lab, but McMenamins allows minors until 10:00
> PM.
> If you can make it, send email to the list with a vote on where you'd like to be.  Then we'll go
> to the Broadway location anyway ;)  Actually, the main point of the RSVP is to get an idea of how
> many people we're likely to have at future meetings.
> Cheers,
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