PerlMongers Meeting

Curtis Poe cp at
Wed Nov 21 12:06:28 CST 2001

Hello all;

If you missed yesterday's get-together, we had a lot of fun and I'm looking
forward to another get together.

We are tentatively planning it for the second or third week in December.
How does Thursday, December 13th at 8:00 pm sound to everyone?  Suggestions
for convenient venues are welcome.  The intent is for Portland Perl
Mongers - PPM (or Monger wannabees) to have a "get to know you" meeting
without a fixed agenda.  At that meeting, we can talk about future meetings,
both technical and social.  Several ideas for great technical meetings have
already been put forward and I'm really excited about seeing the PPM get
going again.

Personal notes:  there was some discussion about software development last
night and some questions were asked about the Capability Maturity Model.  A
brief summary may be found at

In retrospect, it dawned on me that some organizations may be more suited to
Extreme Programming, also known as XP.  A "gentle introduction" may be found
at  Amusingly, the self-described
"gentle introduction" has an intimidating graphic with terms like
"Architectural Spike" and "New User Story Project Velocity".  Don't let it
scare you :)

The difference between the two may be summed up as follows:  the Capability
Maturity Model is software development with a suit.  XP is software
development with a nose ring.  Both have their strengths and weaknesses.  I
strongly recommend that everyone interested in software development
processes read through those.

Send email to the list if you can make the Dec. 18th meeting, or if another
date would be convenient.

Curtis Poe
Senior Programmer
ONSITE! Technology


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