Input TYPE=FILE Error Checking

Curtis Poe cp at
Tue Nov 20 18:02:34 CST 2001

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but you cannot make that field
sticky (i.e., retain its value between calls).  Otherwise, you could insert
an arbitrary value, put it on an invisible layer and grab any file you
wanted from someone's box.  That would be a no-no :)

Curtis Poe
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Subject: Input TYPE=FILE Error Checking

> I am scripting a cgi to handle an employment application which includes a
> resume submit in an <INPUT TYPE=FILE NAME=bla> tag. I also have extensive
> error checking where, when there's an error, the form gets printed back
> all the previous values populating the right fields....fairly standard.
> problem arises when i try to print back <INPUT TYPE=FILE NAME=bla
> VALUE="$querystring{bla}">.  The value gets written into the HTML, yet the
> input field in the browser is blank and a weird null file gets uploaded
> correct submission.  Basically, how do I re-populate that field everytime
> with the information that will produce the right file upon upload. - Aaron


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