Suggestion for possible social get-together

Chris Dawson cdawson at
Tue Nov 20 14:40:29 CST 2001

Oh, this must be a conspiracy.  I guess I was one of the few who 
responded to the first request, but heard nothing back.  I am out of 
town now and won't be able to attend.  

How about the McM's in San Francisco?  :)


Curtis Poe wrote:

>Sold!  To the man with the cheap Kermit the Frog imitation :)
>The McM's on Broadway?  Is that the one that is just north of Lloyd center
>in Irvington?  That would be awesome since it's about two blocks from my
>apartment.  I am nothing if not selfish.
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>>Curtis> I never heard a follow-up to this.  Is this still on?
>>I don't recall getting enough feedback to put it on my calendar.
>>However, since I'm very good at scheduling things on the fly, how
>>about tonight around 7pm, at some central McM's, like Broadway?
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