Damian Conway free presentation in portland - your input needed

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Tue May 29 10:11:08 CDT 2001

As a part of the package that Damian offers in delivering three days
of training Aug 1-3 at CPD, he's giving me a chance to offer a
one-night free event, which I'm inclined to make co-sponsored by
PDX.pm and Stonehenge in all my literature.

This is where y'all come in.   Here's the list of topics:

    I'd be happy to do something on Perl 6, especially if I have access to
    both screen projection and a whiteboard.

    Otherwise (with just screen projection) I'll be happy to give any of the

            * Quantum::Superpositions
            * Perligata : Perl for the XXIimum Century
            * Extreme Perl: The Horror that is SelfGOL
            * Life, The Universe, And Everything
            * New Modules from The Conway Channel

    There are blurbs for all except the last of these (which is self
    explanatory) at:


Which would you like to see?  I've seen Q::S and it's damn funny, and
Perligata ditto.  I'm leaning towards either the Perl6 thing because
this is the week right after TPC5 and there's likely to be big fresh
news, or perhaps the "Life..." one because I know he'll be talking
about (the other) Conway's Life Game.

So, feedback requested.  And timely as well, because we wanna start
promoting the hell out of this event.  We've got a room that can hold
probably about 150, and I'd like to see it filled with the local

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