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Tue Jun 26 16:35:10 CDT 2001

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, MarkyMoon wrote:

> Subject: Test

Test failed. It went out to the entire list. :-(

If you want to know whether you can send and receive mail, you can write
to Fred and Barney's autoresponder, which also serves to show skeptics
that email addresses are more interesting than commonly thought. Here's
their address:

    <fred"&"barney (Yes, it's our address.) @ (Really!) redcat.com>

You can generally replace the ampersand with your favorite punctuation
mark, including even a backslashed double-quote, if you wish.

If you need to test something else, though, posting to a normal mailing
list may not be the best way to do that. I think there are some testing
mailing lists around, for people who want them.

> I hate Earthlink/Onemain!

Me, too.

> @a = ("a".."z"," ",",","\n","!");foreach $b (
> 28,0,26,14,13,4,26,11,26,17,0,13,3,0,11,26,22,17,14,19,4,26,19,7,4,26,1,14,14,10,27,28,
> 0,26,19,22,14,26,11,26,11,11,0,12,0,26,5,14,17,26,19,7,4,26,11,14,14,10,27,28,
> 1,20,19,26,19,14,26,22,7,14,12,26,22,4,26,14,22,4,26,8,19,26,0,11,11,27,28,
> 8,18,26,19,7,4,26,19,7,17,4,4,26,11,26,11,0,17,17,24,26,22,0,11,11,29,28,28,
> 17,0,13,3,0,11,28) {print "$a[$b]"};print $a[28];

I regret that the upcoming Third Edition of the Llama won't include this
charming poem, but it wouldn't really have been fitting. 

But with regard to your code, you could simplify it somewhat, if you
wanted, with use of $_, qw//, and maybe a trick or two. But you should
really get rid of the quote marks in the last line, since they don't do
anything but mislead.


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