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Date:    Thu, 21 Jun 2001 11:58:25 -0700
Subject: Programming position in environmental research
From:    Jack Lewis <jl7001 at axe.humboldt.edu>
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The U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station,
has an opening for a position designing, coding, testing, and
debugging applications for reduction, analysis, and graphical display
of hydrologic research data.  The incumbent writes and maintains
instructions and documentation for programs; assists in the design and
development of the research unit's web site; and provides public access
to online data and publications. The position is located at the Redwood
Sciences Laboratory (http://www.rsl.psw.fs.fed.us) beside the Arcata
Community Forest on the Humboldt State University Campus in the town of
Arcata in north-coastal California.

Required experience: Unix, perl, S language
Desired experience: C or Fortran, website design and development, HTML
and Javascript

Internal Job Number: PSW-Term-378-01
Job title: Computer Specialist GS-05/07/09
Employer: U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station
Starting salary: $30,287 to $43,230 depending on experience
Application deadline:  July 9, 2001.

See complete vacancy announcement at
for application instructions and further information.  If you have
further questions about the job after reading the vacancy announcement,
contact Jack Lewis at jl7001 at humboldt.edu.  Note: the vacancy
announcement lists the job as GS-05/07.  That should read GS-05/07/09.
In other words you will be hired at the highest level (up to GS-09) for
which you are qualified.

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