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Michael Mitchell protek_2000 at
Mon Jun 18 11:44:22 CDT 2001

Job seekers have an interest in this, I know (being one in the software
qa field), however...

Do those who employ have an interest?  Would this be a service or a
distraction to them and others.  If not, that [JOB] solution seems the less

On a list that I've managed over the years, we periodically send out
an "announce" type message with our guidelines to keep new members
informed and remind older members.  You may want to consider this

Michael Mitchell

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We've discussed this before and we decided that job-related posts should
have a '[JOB]' tag on them...but this isn't really announced to new
members anywhere.  Or current ones.  Starting a new list is something we
might be able to do, but with the recent administration jumbling at I'm worried it'll be more trouble than it's worth.  I suppose I
could set up a jobs area on the website, provided I have access again....

Your thoughts?


On Monday, June 18, 2001, at 05:30 AM, Tom Phoenix wrote:

> Don't we have a separate way (than this list) for folks to connect job
> seekers with potential employees? Since most subscribers to lists like
> this one aren't interested in employment-related messages, those
> messages
> are typically put on a different list (or on a website) so as not to
> discourage readership.
> If we don't already have a mailing list called something like
> pdx-pm-jobs
> for this purpose, I'd like to propose that it be created. (Or maybe two
> lists: pdx-pm-jobs-wanted and pdx-pm-jobs-announce.)
> Thoughts?
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