use of undef

Rob Bloodgood robb at
Thu Jun 14 13:22:59 CDT 2001

> while($horse->dead()) { $horse->beat(); }

Wow, I've been looking for that!  Is it on CPAN yet?

> 	Why monkey with a user's code if it does what they want?  There's
> usually a better/more efficient/whatever way of doing just about anything.

Absolutely.  I, being an accomplished Perl programmer, appreciate others'
input on possible different approaches.  TIMTOWTDI is understood, and
acknowledged.  But the BEST (or should I say, BETTER) way to do something IN
CONTEXT (this *IS* perl :-) depends on where and when.

> 	*shrug* I dunno. I just think we spend a lot of time
> splitting hairs.

Not, splitting hairs... evaluating the strengths of different syntaxes in
different usages.  I'm a _programmer_, not a Perl user/Java user/C
user/PLSQL user/Shell user.  When presented with a task, my job is to get
data from point A to point B.  Everything else is just learning the
available toolset to accomplish that.  Understanding the subtleties of the
toolset's capabilities leads to elegance and refinement...  and it just so
happens, I've used the short ends of the hairs I've split to make up the
differences in lenght on MANY occasions. :-)

Now, if I could just learn to keep my documentation in sync with
development... :-)


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Disclaimer qw/:standard/;


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