Where to buy SuSE locally?

Chris Dawson cdawson at webiphany.com
Fri Jul 27 13:38:37 CDT 2001

I bought SuSE 7.0 Personal (couldn't find Professional) out on East Powell
and 100th or so.  I can't remember the name of the shop, and I can't spend
the time to wade through qwestdex.com right now to look for it by address.
But, maybe you do.  I was also able to find it in Miami at a Barnes and
Nobles, maybe they sell it here as well?  Hate to support anyone but
Powell's Books, though, but since they don't sell it last time I checked...

Or, you could pop around to NW 23rd and I could lend you my CDs...


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So I'm setting up a Linux/Oracle server, and it turns out that SuSE is the
*only* approved distro for that combination.

It doesn't break my heart to move away from RedHat, but since one can only
*purchase* SuSE in the latest vv, does anybody know where I can make the
purchase today?



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